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Back in 2008 I started doing a regular weekly feature for KOMO Radio in Seattle. Basically, it's just me and the host shooting the breeze for a few minutes, talking about things happening at Pacific Science Center. It's a great way to spread the news about a beloved local educational institution where I work, and it helps me satisfy my old love for radio. Recently I decided to get off my duff and actually produce these little reports and create a real podcast with them. It's now available on iTunes and SoundCloud. It's a pretty slick service and WAY better than back in 2008 when we did the very first podcast at KOMO when I worked there. I'm posting this merely as a test of embedding SoundCloud into a Joomla! article. Let's see if this works:

VERY nice! SoundCloud also has a beta program for those wishing to generate an RSS feed for their podcast. SoundCloud's mobile app is also pretty slick.

storehouseToday I published my first story via a new iPad app called Storehouse. You can see my story here. The app is really quite good. Elegant interface, very easy to use. If you're one of those who maintain that iPads are for consumption of media and not a media creation tool, well this just might change your mind. It's a free app for now, though my guess is it will be snatched up by Apple or Google or Facebook or some such. If you have an iPad you really should give it a try. If you're not into telling your own stories you can see some very beautiful stories by others using the iPad's luscious touch controls. The story about breaking ships in Bangladesh is amazing and very sad.

After hours of researching the subject, we finally put a plan together and smoked our first batch of cheese at home using a cheap soldering iron, a tin can and some apple chips. The results were good. Here's how we did it.

For a couple years now we've had Comcast Internet service and a 7mb DSL line from CenturyLink as a backup. Comcast goes down frequently since we live in a forest and trees take down the line. For the past week I've been using just the DSL line and find the bandwidth to be adequate. So, should I cut the cord? We've spent around $1,300 so far this year on cable and Tivo. We never watch live tv and use Netflix, Amazon and Apple TV more and more. If we drop Comcast it would be the first time since I was a little boy that there would be no live tv in my home. Am I missing anything? Have you done this? This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or shoot me a tweet. I'd appreciate any feedback.