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Stan & Joyce Orchard

Trying to figure it out.
Seattle | Hobart

So Long, Ichiro

Got to hear him take his final bow live from Tokyo in a rare early morning game. As the sun was setting on his career, the moon was setting over the arches. Yes, tears were shed.

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Still Snowing

In our 34 years here in Hobart, the snow has never stayed with us this long. It’s been over a month and it’s still snowing. Thoughts of 45F and steady rain for a few days sounds good.

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REAL Snow Angels

Our new neighbors are building their house. They decided to put their excavator to use and cleared a path to our barn and out to the road. And it stopped snowing!

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Our First Cyclamen

It’s mid-winter where we live and a few snowflakes are falling with the temps around freezing. But a wee bit of brightness in the greenhouse.

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