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Read a BBC post this morning that caught my attention:

What’s interesting about this otherwise typical ‘tips for improving your health in the new year’ is that none of them involve doing strenuous workouts. It’s all about thinking more, sleeping better, smiling, etc.

The tip about being mindful…that’s the most important, I think. Being mindful encompasses quite a bit, but the focus is on journaling and thinking about all the little things one does each day.

In other words, gather data about yourself. Do what Facebook and Google and Amazon and the rest are doing constantly. They want to know everything about you, all the little things you do so they can better serve you so you will continue to engage with them.

If you turn all of that inward, do exactly the same thing but just for you, then you’re better able to make adjustments in your life that improve it. Cut out things that are destructive. Increase things that are beneficial.

None of those little things are huge. But add them all up and it’s gigantic.