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Now It Begins: WordPress 5.0

Today is December 7, 2018. A date that will live in…..

Well, actually December 6, 2018 is a date most WordPress users will remember since that’s the date WordPress 5.0 was released. With it came the new block-based editor Gutenberg and all the complications that come with it. How will it work with Divi, my chosen theme and builder? How will all of this affect my long running workflow? Will I survive this major disturbance in the force of the WordPress Universe? Time will tell.

To help ease the transition, I set all our sites at work in standby mode. Both WordPress and Divi can be allowed to continue as is for a while with support continuing for both. Divi, made by Elegant Themes, has a new release that looks promising as far as compatibility with WP 5.0. So, I’ll do some experimenting here and see how it goes.

So, let this first post act as the kickoff to a new blog here and let’s see what happens. Best of luck to all of us.