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Stan & Joyce Orchard

Trying to figure it out.
Seattle | Hobart

Short Morning Walk

Our Tuesday morning walk was only just over a half mile. In other words, it was like the stars of our next big blockbuster at work. Short.

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A Comcast Miracle

We’ve been without power for 30 some hours now and they haven’t started fixing our issue. But miracle of miracles, our Comcast cable appears to be holding up the remains of the tree that took everything down.

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The power’s been out for 31 hours as these words are written. Got some snow overnight. This morning it’s partly sunny and cold.

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Pain In Her Head

Here’s a good story explaining the nightmare my wife deals with every waking moment: never-ending pain. There is no cure, though she survives with cannabis. Highly recommended, both this story and the herb.

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