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My wife of 43 years, Joyce Carol suffered a series of strokes in 2009. She can no longer speak, half her vision is gone, she can no longer read or write, can barely walk, and she can’t be alone. But her biggest issue is constant, searing pain. And while the pain covers the entire right side of her body, it emanates from the left side of her brain.

A nightmare that shows no sign of ending.

This article describes this little known malady quite well. It explains why opiates don’t work. It does not discuss what helps Joyce Carol deal with her situation: cannabis. If not for that plant she would have died years ago. She simply did not want to live. Now she does.

I invite you to read the story and if you know of someone dealing with this, please pass it on. And if they have an interest in learning about the role cannabis can play, let me know.

Stroke Connection Magazine: Helping Others Understand: Post-stroke Central Pain